Empty Death !! Poem !! Sagun Bhattrai " Eklavya" - Palpali Milan


09 May 2018

Empty Death !! Poem !! Sagun Bhattrai " Eklavya"

Empty Death

Woke up after 9 month's struggle
Got love on the lap of mother
Grew up with many experiences
But you died being nothing at all

You were like a robot yeah
But this materialistic world
Poured up aggression in you
Negativity overwhelmed but
You have inhaled happiness few
You stepped every stair of problem
Never Gave up!
But, you died achieving nothing at all.

You learned the rule of the world
Born to live and live to die
You learned to be independent
Worked hard single day and night
You collected Names and Fames
But, you died holding nothing at all

You get the lessons to be good
And handed over to generations
You created many new inventions
You knew that the world is stage
To perform the lifetime act
You showed the world to prove self-respect
But, died gaining nothing at all

You respected the dignity of labor
And never bowed your head 'ahead'
You made the friends of mind and heart
Now you are ignored by all
"orphan" is what you got the title
You sacrificed many things to this cruel world
But, your corposed are piled up!
You died grabbing nothing at all

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