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27 November 2011

Remove Blogger's Navigation Bar

Navigation bar is that bar which appears on top of your blog. It's got many features like search, next blog, report, sign in etc.Many blogger don't like it because they believe it gives their blog some kind of ugly look.If you are one of them just like me and want to get rid of the navigation bar you just have to follow these easy steps and it's gone.

1. First Sign in to your blog and click on Design or Layout.
2. Now Click on Edit HTML....

3. Now Download your current template in case any thing goes wrong you can use your old template.
4.Now paste this code as shown in the image below and save your template.

             #navbar {           
          height: 0px;           
    visibility: hidden;          
      display: none;            

Now you'll find out the navigation bar is gone from your blog. It's not completely deleted, it's actually hidden. If you want to show it again, simply delete the code you pasted earlier.

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