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04 March 2011

Akbar and Virbal

Akbar and Virbal

Narendra Pd. Chaudhary
BBS 1'st Year
Lumbini Banijya Campus
Butwal-13, Devinagar

Once there was a great mugal emperor named Akbar. He was running his state smoothly with his wise minister, Virbal . Virbal was as popular as Akbar because everybody knew his intelligence. His talent mind made him to solve Akbar's prolems. Akbar used to ask too much complex questions and was became satisfied because Virbal solved the problem easily.

Oneday Akbar and Virbal were walking in a garden. Akbar made a line on the earth and asked Virbal to make te line short without touching it. Virbal immediately made a long line below that line and solved. Akbar got satisfied and rewarded Virbal.

Akbar had a desire to grow crops of diamond. So he requested with Virbal and provide him a time. In winter season Virbal went to rice form with Akbar and pointed towards the dew which were hanging on the top and shining with sunlight just like diamond. Akbar again became satisfied as the possibility to grow diamond is zero.

Akbar commanded Virbal not to spit everywhere after eating tobacco; and to spit on that thing or place which are useless. But generally nothing is useless in this world. One day in minister meeting there was an one eyed minister who was very cruel to people. Virbal got a chance and collect a lot of saliva inside his mouth and spot on damaged eye of that minister while running the meeting . Everybody stood up and began to scold Virbal. Virbal politely said to Akbar that he had commanded to spit only useless thing. Then everybody kept silence.

One day Akbar and Virbal were traveling on a tanga. Akbar saw a donkey grazing in a tobacco field without eating tobacco. Akbar said to Virbal, look at that ! Even a donkey is not eating tobacoo but you eat, Virbal. Then Virbal said, If there is one who doesn't eat tobacco is a donkey. Then Akbar felt ashamed.

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