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27 May 2011

****Hiding and recovering file.****

How to make your important file Hidden?

If you have any important file, pic, older etc in your computer that your want to make hidden. Just follow these steps :-
1. First select your file, folder etc that you want to make hidden.
2. Then go to properties of that file, folder etc.
3. Then click on Hidden.
4. Then click on Apply.
How To Recover your Hidden file…?

To recover your hidden file just follow the following steps….
1.Go to My Computer.
2. Then click on Tools Option.
3.Then click on Folder option and then on View.
4. Then click on Show hidden files and folder.
5. Now click on Apply and then on Ok.

Now your hidden file will be visible again.

5. Then click on Ok.
6. Now refresh your computer and your file or folder will be Hidden and it will not even found in Search.

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