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    Internet Tips : Shor-cut Keys For Fast Internet Browsing

    Here are some of the Shortcut Keys that will be really helpful for u while suffering Net using differnts type of Internet Browser.

    Press F1 = Help.

    Press F3 = To find out something in current webpage.

    Press F4 = Shows the list of website you earlier visited.

    Press F5 = Refresh or Re-load The Webpage.

    Press F10 = Go to File Menu.

    Press F11 = Full-screen Press again for Normal Page view.

    Press F12 = To view the Developer Code (Html/java scripr etc.)

    Press Tab = To go to next field.

    Press Esc = Stop.

    Press Backspace = Back to the Earlier visited Webpage.

    Press Alt + Home = Go To Home page.

    Press ALT+ A = Go to Favorites Menu.

    Press ALT+ B = Go to Suggested Website Option.

    Press ALT+ C = Shows Your Faviourate Websites .

    Press ALT+ D = Go to Address Bar .

    Press ALT+ E = Go to Edit Menu .

    Press ALT+ F = Go to File Menu .

    Press ALT+ H = Go to Help Menu.

    Press ALT+ M = Change Your Homepage - Add or Remove .

    Press ALT+ T = Go to Tools Menu .

    Press ALT+ V = Go to View Menu .

    We will be back soon with some of other intresting and useful shortcut keys for Internet Browser part- 2 soon...

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