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    SMS in Nepali SMS in Hindi SMS in English

    SMS in Nepali,Hindi N English
     Best Collection of Nepali,Hindi And English SMS/Massages of Various Categories.

    Gud Nite SMS : Good Night SMS in Nepali, Hindi and in English.
    ( Cool gudnite sms for ur nearest and dearest person)

    Good Morning or Day or Night SMS
    ( Colletion of few sweet sms)

    Birthday SMS - Happy Birthday SMS, Massage.

    ( Wish your freinds, Relatives and Special person )

    Birthday sms in Nepali

    ( Birthday SMS, Massage, Wishes, Greeting, Text In Nepali.)

    7 Birthday SMS In Nepali,Nepali massage for Birthday

    (7 NEW Birthday SMS,Message in Nepali)

    (  cool n lovely Friendship sms  )

    Funny SMS
    ( Laufghter's Gurantted)

    Vintage Valentine 02

    April Fool SMS - Funny+Noughty SMS
    ( Coolest Aprill fool sms ever)

    Happy Dashai SMS in Nepali
    (नेपालीमा विजया दशमीका SMSहरु)

    Happy Dashai n tihar SMS
    ( Wish Your Freinds and Relatives a Happy Dashai n Dipawali)

    Holi SMS ( Nepali, HIndi N English Holi SMS N Massage )
    ( Colourful SMS for Colorful Festival "Holi")


    **Valentine Day SMS**
    ( I Love You SMS..and other Heart Touching Valetine SMS for your Valentine)

    Just love 2

    ( Some of the greatest New Year SMS for the speacial ocassion)

    Flirt SMS
    ( Flirt sms to flirt with ur someone special)

    Love U N Miss U SMS
    ( Make him or her feel special by this cool n lovely SMS)


    Missing U SMS
    ( A good-way to make him or her feel that u miss them)

    Update 06/08/2012: Birthday SMS in Nepali Added. ( www.nepalibook.tk )

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